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Conservation Planning

The Conservation Plan

A conservation plan is the first step to managing all the natural resources on a property or farm. It is a written record of the management decisions and conservation practices to be implemented that will help protect natural resources and meet individual management goals. A conservation plan is a living document that can be adapted to meet changing needs or goals.


Our Role in the Planning Process

We offer conservation planning service free of charge and without obligation, as we are a non-regulatory, non-enforcement agency. Working closely with land managers, we develop thoughtful conservation plans that will protect the natural resources we all rely on, while also meeting their goals and needs. ​

We write plans for all sizes of properties, operations, land uses, and needs including:


Conservation plans are not meant to be placed on a shelf, they are meant to be put into action! We help land managers implement their plans by providing technical and financial assistance through District and Farm Bill Conservation Programs.


"There is no virtue in planning merely for the sake of planning. Unless plans can be translated into action, planning becomes a profitless mental exercise"

Hugh Hammond Bennett, first Chief of the Soil Conservation Service 


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