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Seed Mix Descriptions

Food Plot Mixes

Switchgrass Blend

A mixture of three varieties of switchgrass, the tallest variety growing 6-8 feet tall. Once established, it will provide cover for 15-20 years.
Switchgrass is a vigorous warm season, native perennial grass which can be planted for many reasons including wildlife cover. It begins growth in late spring and continues through the summer. It grows 3-6 feet in clumps that spread from rhizomes. 
Plant 10-15 pounds per acre.

1 pound of seed in each package.

Fall & Winter Food Plot Mix

This annual food plot mix is a blend of wheat, oats, rye, deer forage radish, and other high quality forage grains that will stay green into the winter months proiding excellent food source for deer. It will also work great for early bow season because the key ingredients are oats and radishes.
Plant in late summer or early fall for best results. It will grow in a wide variety of soils, even clay or sandy conditions.

Best if planted with a grain drill, but it can be broadcast seeded also. 
Plant 20-30 pounds per acre.

5 pounds of seed in each package.

Forage Pea & Bean Food Plot Mix

This food plot is a mixture of several varieties of peas and beans 3/16 inch to 1/4 inch in diameter. It is highly palatble to upland game birds. Deer and rabbit also like the foliage. Because of the small sized peas, this mix is valuable as a quail feed.
It can be planted in the spring of the year when ground temperatures warm up. It also can be planted late summer or early fall for just a forage crop. This mix is well made for clay or sandy soils.
Contains: soybeans, winter peas, iron clay cow peas, black cow peas, and other high-quality forage peas.
Plant 40-50 pound per acre.

5 pounds of seed in each package.

Game Bird Food Plot Mix

Mix for those who want to attract pheasant or quail, or who raise them. It is a mixture of short sorghums and millets that grow 3-4 feet tall. It provides a thick cover and has an excellent stand ability for the winter. It can be sprayed to control broad leaf weeds.
Contains: wild game food sorghum, early milo, proso millet, and more high yielding millets and short sorghums.
Matures in 80-90 days. 
Plant 8-10 pounds per acre.

5 pounds of seed in each package.

No-Till Deer Food Plot Mix

This is a mix of clovers and alfalfas. It is ideal for small areas in woods on on trails that are inaccessible to farm equipment. It is very winter hardy.
This food plot mix was developed to be broadcast and raked lightly or drilled with minimum tillage. Kill weeds prior to planting. It can also be frost seeded in the late fall or during winter as long as the area has been prepared. 
If possible, mow the annual weeds once or twice a year to a 6-8 inch height. After established, mow in late summer to early fall to promote green growth for winter feeding.
Plant 10 pounds per acre.

1 pound of seed in each package

Wildflower Seed Mixes

Bird & Butterfly Wildflower Seed

A blend of perennials and annuals for creating a permanent, backyard habitat to attract your favorite winged wildlife. Flowers in this mix will provide colorful blooms all season long as well as nectar and seed for songbirds, hummingbirds, and butterflies.
Mix components: black-eyed Susan, blanketflower, butterfly milkweed, California poppy, candytuft, China aster, cornflower, dwarf godetia, dwarf plains coreopsis, gayfeather, Indian blanket, lance-leaved coreopsis, lemon mint, Mexican hat, perennial lupine, purple coneflower, rocket larkspur, scarlet sage, Siberian wallflower, sweet alyssum.

1 ounce package, sows 125 square feet.

Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix

A blend of perennial and annual garden flowers and wildflowers that are known to be resistant to deer browsing. Keep in mind that is natural food supplies are low, or local populations of deer are dense, even these plants may be browsed by deer.
Mix components: bergamot, blue sage, California poppy, corn poppy, four O'clocks, French marigold, gold yarrow, lavender, lemon mint, perennial lupine, purple giant hyssop, rocket larkspur, sweet alyssum sweet William pinks.

1 ounce package, sows 250 square feet

Pollinator Wildflower Seed

A blend of widely adaptable, annual and perennial flowers that provide nectar to and pollen to wild bees, honey bees, and other pollinators. It is suited for maintained landscapes such as garden beds and borders. It provides forage all season long. 
Mix components: baby blue eyes, bergamot, blue flax, California poppy, China aster, Chinese forget-me-not, corn poppy, fleabane daisy, globe gilia, Indian blanket, lance-leaved coreopsis, New England aster, plains coreopsis, purple coneflower, purple giant hyssop, Siberian wallflower, sweet alyssum, tidy tips.

1 ounce package, sows 200 square feet.

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