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Get Verified - MAEAP


The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is an innovative, proactive program that helps farms of ALL sizes and ALL commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural risks. The Shiawassee Conservation District delivers this program in both Shiawassee and Livingston counties. The work we do is CONFIDENTIAL and provides invaluable technical assistance to farms to help them adopt cost-effective conservation practices, which in turn helps them to comply with state and federal laws.

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Stiles Pumpkin farm and Backroad Blossoms was Farmstead and Cropping Verified in 2022.

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Stiles Pumpkin farm and Backroad Blossoms was Farmstead and Cropping Verified in 2022.

The Four Systems

MAEAP has four systems that address different aspects of the farm: Farmstead, Cropping, Livestock, and Forest, Wetlands and Habitat System. Each looks at different practices depending on site-specific management and production practices and associated risks.


Be Recognized

MAEAP verification is something to be proud of. Farms who become verified in one or more systems will receive a sign that can be displayed, showing that they are a top steward of the land in their community. Becoming MAEAP verified shows a commitment to protecting the environment and allows for certain regulatory benefits and access to financial assistance.


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Washburn Farms verified in Farmstead and Livestock Systems since 2016

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Number of farms verified in Shiawassee County as of January 2023


Number of MAEAP verifications as of January 2023

Learn More

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